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Lancashire is lucky to have so many swingers clubs!!

Lancashire has to have the most swingers clubs in the UK next to London, so thanks to members who frequent them regularly we bring you their top reviews.

Been to a sex club or commercial swingers party in the Lancashire area? Tell us about it and you could see your review here....

Franz32 - We aren't from Lancashire but we travel up to stary at the Blackpool Fun House which is a fab hotel catering specifically for us swingers. Their party weekends are great and everyone is always friendly and it doesn't cost more than a normal weekend away so you can't beat it - unless you want to ;o)

sexy_cpl69 - the dungeon at Devients is the best place we've been to and although only open to members it is always something different! Definitely the place to go if you are into BDSM and fetish stuff.

swing1974 - went to a Euphoria Swingers Weekend recently and it was a really good time, fun and friendly but hot and horny at the same time! a very relaxed area you don't feel pressured into anything but it is a great safe place to try some new things...

fmf_groups - we love playing with all sorts of people and at Infusion we always have a great time. It's great to be able to go somewhere that is friendly, clean and safe - as several times H has been on her own to the grredy girl nights but Saturday's are probably the best as it's couples and single fems only!

fuk4all - as we live in Blackpool we often go to Paradise clubbing and at 25 a couple it is a cheap night out but as it is a hotel you get different swinging guests each time so it never gets boring!

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